Thursday, June 1, 2017

Changing trends that effect US politics

The United States of America is the name of the strongest power among all the countries of the world. It is considered as an example to many countries to build up their nation and be one of the developed countries. There are quite a lot of reasons for considering the US as such powerful country.
Their economy, trades, military power and political trends are mostly recognized as the strength of this country. The political leader or the president of US is recognized as the most powerful individual in the world. There is a long history lies behind the present state of politics in the US. The US politics is also known for its complexity. Politics can be compared to a science that helps to predict what is going to happen in the future by deducting previous situations. In this topic, we can bring up what john Lubbock said, “Great battles are won years before they are fought.”

US politics have improved throughout the time of its previous presidents. This progress can be traced to the beginning of the time when President Clinton was in power. Though he stated that he was a liberal president in a conservative timeline, his skills were way beyond recognition that served the nation to a significant level. His political skills along with a successful economic record helped him a lot to blunt Republican attacks on ‘tax and spend’ liberalism.

Presidencies of Clinton and Obama along with the contrasts of George W. Bush have created a baseline for the future leaders to follow and the introduction of semi-realignments. Some of the changing trends that are shaping the US politics are given below: 

1. Demographics: From a Census Bureau report from May 17 of 2012, it was said that a new America has emerged. As the report showed that whites were the minority in babies born in the United States by an approximate amount of four million babies. While in 1992, the share of white electorates was close to 90 percent. The share fell down to nearly below 70 percent in 2016. 

2. Single Women: If an independent and pro-life woman is given a chance to vote, she will probably vote for the Republican candidate. But all the states and regions are filled with women who feel threatened by the law-makers. These law-makers have established the law to call those women murderers even when they exercise their constitution right to end their pregnancy. This has caused the number of single women to increase. And this increased population is leaning towards the Republicans for their support.

3. Losing religion: The numbers of Americans who belong to Christianity have decreased from 78 to 70 percent. On the other hand, people who are unaffiliated with religion have increased from 16 to 23 percent. This has affected their choice as electorates in many aspects. 

From this changing trends and information, it is not hard to predict the future state of US politics. 

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